When I quit working at supporting other creatives as a full-time effort; I thought I was done working in the arts altogether. Not true. The magical influence of the trees, clouds, breezes, and snows awakened my slumbering inner artist and writer. Although I was formally trained, educated and had a multi-faceted career in the arts, I was teetering on the edge of a precipice - do I give up on me, or dive into my heart's desires to create. Thinking my expiration date had arrived I was to discover I had untapped resources of creativity just waiting for me to say YES!

Now, I freely and joyously concentrate on creating in various mediums and writing poetry and stories. I may not be who I used ta’ be, but, there is a lot more in me yet.

The End of the Used ta’ be Tour

The End of the
Used ta’ be Tour

When young I didn't realize
How quickly age could creep
Now firmly in its grasp
Eyes of youth glancing past

What value the antiquated
Exhibited, used ta’ be a somebody

Like Rilke’s Panther circling
From without and within
No longer able to see the forest
Fire of freedom
To be eventually quenched
Lie down, quit pacing, find rest

What they
The they of them
Don't get
If I close my eyes to life’s, joy, creating
That would be my end