Sometimes the color composition or design elements are the only thoughts in my mind. Study in Purple and Yellow was done that way. I wanted to play with complementary colors and their values. I went five shades of purple (adding black) to five tints of yellow (adding white) to see what they would do. Then as the composition grew into a “Van Gohesque” landscape I just had fun painting and adding torn magazine pages of similar values.

This all happens in moments days or years. Sometimes the art flows from my fingers literally as the only tool is my fingers playing in glue and pigment ripping paper and feeling the texture as I work in the wet surface. Other times the piece is incubated over a period of time as word upon the word with layer upon layer of materials is built up. Paintings that disappeared as a new piece begins to emerge on the surface…hmm If only you could see what is under the surface wouldn’t you be surprised.








I love art in all forms. Fortunately or unfortunately I love the freedom of expression. By definition, I am an expressionist. I use art or words to express my feelings ideas a reflection of my humor irony. As a child, I banged out my own creations on the piano never mastering the left hand to be independent of the right. What a follower my hand is…I sang in choir and musicals and in a triple trio never mastering my voice it also followed every other voice nearby. I danced through college modern dance. I don’t follow here I always created a new dance each time I performed. For some reason, free dance was my way. After four years I knew that was it for me my body just wouldn’t take direction or was that my mind? The same was true of theatre. While I could read lines when it came to repeating them verbatim no. I would improvise. This included my unscripted interviewing time on TV. I was totally into the moment and would ask what was on my mind at the instance it was there. I have always loved stories of life and that wasn’t acting. So there went any hope of theatre unless you wanted a different play each night?

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