The more I know the less settled I am with the knowing. I’m discovering that there is seldom the last word on any subject.
Tasked to write a preface for my book Dust of Shooting Stars. I wrote a half dozen. The one I thought was best I sent off to two trusted editors and proofreaders. They sent back two more, well written, and useable prefaces. A day later I combined and mixed those. Spending more hours in thought and revisions. I finally stopped, meditated, and listened. I decided the preface had to be like the poetry itself. I grabbed my pen and wrote — letting the words flow. What came of that was another writing with only hints of the old. Here I sit. Wondering if any of them were what I really wanted to say.
Yes. It’s true, writing can be agonizing. Especially, when I seek perfection. What might you be putting off finishing because you just don’t have it quite right yet? Sometimes we just have to leap.