Death. It’s always coming, never expected.

Messages with a friend about death triggered me to say: It’s always coming, never expected. From the moment of birth, death is the inevitable and always present consequence of life – that we ignore. We live like it can’t and won’t happen – shocked when it comes. Nine people have exited from my sight in the last three or so years. Prior to that many more losses stretched out over a decade. Even when I knew cancer, heart disease or old age was present I didn’t want to say goodbye. You see the problem is I miss them. The sound of their laugh, the silly pun, the warm embrace, the brilliant notion, or creative answer to life. Love continues for those unseen. I smile at a memory or cry for the missing. The heart grows and takes on new souls, not as replacements, but as new experiences and opportunities to love. Life not to be taken for granted. Valued. For the day it ends, is always coming for each of us.