The Creatives

Musings from years ago seem appropriate today.
Thinking with a creatively open mind is what it takes to be an entrepreneur. But that’s not all.
We need to find new ways to do old things – do it better – or move on to something else.
When your idea seems impossible, it’s probably the best idea you have. Ideas that never leap into action are just good ideas, not successes.
Let go of fear. Fear of failure often cripples people with indecision. Make a decision and work toward its fulfillment. Action creates momentum – inaction causes stagnation.
Being creative is a personal journey of trusting in our ingenuity, strengths, and talents.
Sometimes it means partnering with others who are positive and successful at what they do; honing your skills to sharpen and bring to brilliance your ideas.
Work, with passion, turns dreams into reality. We can’t wait for anyone to fix our personal economy; creative minds willing to work together will help us get off our own personal fiscal cliffs. Maybe, Congress can learn from us – the creatives.